Are the booth reusable?
The booths that the organization includes are not reusable.


Does the set up of the booth includes transportation fee?

Yes. The cost is included.

Only the request onsite will have a cost of 100E

The price includes all the event?

Yes. The final price is for the whole event

Do yo offer assembly and personalized services?

Yes. We offer a complete service of assembly and personalized booths.

When the event is over , who takes care about the dismantling of the booth?

We take care about the dismantling of the booth set up by the organization. We do NOT take care about the exhibitor material.

Do you work in international fairs, events?

Yes. We offer design booth with the assembly and dismantling, all the services are included, on International European Fairs.

Ate the prices for sell or rent?

All the items are for rent.

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